Shenoy Rujitha T R


1.    Conceptual issues in Biotec patenting Indian Law And Judicial Trends” is Published in Manupatra Intellectual Property Law Reports, MIPR, September, 2009,vol,3;part 1p.130-139.

2.    A comment on Bayer corporation and ors v. Union of India and ors Delhi High court Published in Manupatra Intellectual Property Law Reports, MIPR, December 2010,vol,3;part  1p.173-179.

3.    International Registration of marks: Madrid Agreement and protocol : A Critique , Cochin University Law Review [2010] C.U.L.R,Vol.34, No. 3 &4,sept-Dec, p.368-383.

4.    Invalidating stem cells patent: A New dimension in interpreting human embryo, MIPR, December 2011,vol,3;part 3p.137-139.

5.    Bioinformatics Patents- The Challenges, Journal of commercial biotechnology, Mc Millan Palgrave Publishers, ( Accepted for publication ).

6.    Right to Life and Employment, Published in conference proceedings National Conference on Right To Life & Social Development” organised by Dyuti, Rajagiri college of Social   Science, Kalamassery, on 7-9 December,2009.(Joint paper).

7.    Interpretation of Microorganism under TRIPS Agreement, Cochin University Law Review [2011] C.U.L.R,Vol.34, No. 3 &4,sept-Dec, p.338-348.

8.     Corporate Governance: Issues & Challenges” International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services & Management Research Vol.1 Issue 12, December 2012, ISSN 2277 3622

9.     Education & Library exception under Indian Copyright Act: An Analysis, GNLU,2012

10.  Love to hate or hate to Love : IP & Celebrity rights accepted  for Publication (EBC publishers).

11.   Environment Protection & Human rights : Issues & Challenges( accepted for Publication).

12.   Access to biomedical technologies: Biomedical patents and sustainable development(OUP publishers, 2015) upcoming

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