Pro- Vice Chancellor, CUSAT Inaugurates RIPR 2017

Geethu Mohanhdas and Sanjay Tandon

Sajan K Mathew

Renji Panicker

Renji Panicker

N S Madhavan & Unni R

Prakash Bare

Pranesh Prakash

Vijay Babu

Madhuri Anand, Assistant Professor welcomes all to Refresher Course 2017

Refresher Course Inauguration 2018


The Centre aims to provide an opportunity to develop research and writing skills of students in Intellectual Property related areas.  Interns are allowed to interact with the scholars of the Centre and at the same time they can attend eligible workshops and seminars ensue in the Centre during the period of internship. For norms and application, click here.

World IP Day Celebrations 2018



On behalf of the the World Intellectual Property (IP) day celebrations, the Centre organized a half day panel discussion on the theme –  “Powering Change: Women in innovation and creativity” . Prof. (Dr.) T. G. Agitha, Professor, IUCIPRS gave the welcome address.Ms. Sheela Kochouseph, Chairman & Managing Director, V-Star, delivered the IP day address on Women’s role in creativity and highlighted the achievements of successful women entrepreneurs and shared her journey of transformation from a housewife to a successful entrepreneur. This was followed by the screening of IIFF award winning non-feature film ‘Ore Udal ‘, directed by Dr. Asha Achy Joseph, one of the two panelists.
The panel discussion opened with the panelist, Prasanthi Nathan, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, BookNmeet, talking about the challenges faced by women in Innovation and stated that women face more challenges than men even in the field of innovation and urged that teachers and parents have an important role in moulding the creativity in an individual, right from childhood. She also emphasized the lack of awareness of Intellectual Property among entrepreneurs in general.

Prof. Dr. Feroz Ali Khader

Prof. Feroz Ali Khader, IPR Chair Professor, IIT Madras, interacted with the participants on the identification of contemporary research topics on IPR at the Centre on February 19, 2018. He shed light on the various aspects that lead to the publication of quality research articles. The significance of high-quality research publication was highlighted by him and guidance on selecting key aspects of the topic for research was provided. He also shared his valuable inputs with the participants on the contemporary research topics in IPR.

RIPR 2018
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RIPR 2018 :18 January 2018

The sessions started with an Introduction to the Workshop by Prof. (Dr.) T.G Agitha. Two sessions were covered by Mrs Shalini Bhutani titled “ Intellectual Property & Sustainable Agriculture: The Issue of Access to Seeds – An Overview with focus on India” and “Global politics & the evolution of Plant Breeders’ Rights & Farmers’ Rights in International Law” Prof. (Dr.)T.G Agitha & Somalatha Moly T.S done a session on “TRIPS Flexibilities and Indian Patent Act: The Issue of Access to Seeds”. In addition to these there were presentations by students in the related areas.
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RIPR 2018 – Inauguration at 05.00pm, Venue : IUCIPRS Conference Hall                Welcome Speech : Anjana Girish, Assistant Professor, IUCIPRS;                                                                  Presidential Address : Prof.(Dr.) M Bhasi, Director-in-charge, IUCIPRS;                                                       Inaugural Address :  Prof. (Dr.) P G Sankaran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, CUSAT;                              Felicitations : Prof.(Dr.) S Harikumar, Dr. P S Seema                                                                                       Vote of thanks : Somalatha Molly T S.
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  Book Launch         
 IUCIPRS hosted the Kochi Launch of Late Prof. George H. Gadbois Jr.’s book Supreme Court of India : The Beginnings’ Edited by Vikram Raghavan and Vasujith Ram and published by Oxford University Press on January 9th, 2018, organised by The Indian Jurist.  Hon’ble Justice A. Muhamed Mustaque inaugurated the event by uncovering the book and handing it over to Padma Shree Prof. (Dr.) Madhava Menon.     A brief presentation on the book and the author’s contributions to studying the Indian Judiciary was given by Vikram Raghavan, Co-editor.Prof. (Dr.) N. R. Madhava Menon shared with the audience his reflections and remarks on the book.    The event concluded by Vote of thanks by Raghul Sudheesh, Editor-In-Chief, The Indian Jurist.

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Justice Rajagopala Ayyangar Summer Fellowship 2018

Inter University Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Studies (IUCIPRS), CUSAT is pleased to announce Two Summer Fellowships under ‘IUCIPRS Justice Rajagopala Ayyangar Summer Fellowship’ program during April to June 2018. IUCIPRS has instituted this Fellowship to encourage teachers interested in IP research in India to spend minimum of two months during summer (April to June) at IUCIPRS undertaking research work in IP.  Applications should reach the Center on or before 09th February 2018.   Norms  and Application form.

Copyright as Author’s Rights : Round Table on The Author’s Concerns on Copyright Licensing
പകർപ്പവകാശം : എഴുത്തുകാരൻറെ അവകാശം  – വട്ടമേശസമ്മേളനം 
The Centre organized a one day round table conference on “Copyright as Author’s Rights on 11th December 2017″ It was intended to explore real problems in Kerala especially in the print media context faced by the authors while commercially exploiting their own works. Prof. M K Sanoo, Justice Sukumaran, Narayan, K P Surekha and few writers shared their experiences. Most of the writers were unaware of the issues related with the selling of copyright to others and matters to be considered while constituting an agreement between the writer and publishers, and claiming or negotiating their own rights related with the royalty .  The round table discussion was very much useful to keep themselves away from cheating from the part of publishers and distributors.

Prof. Dr. Feroz Ali Khader, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, IIT Madras

Dr.Feroz Ali Khader delivered a lecture in IUCIPRS on 30th October 2017. The session touched on three major domains like legal research citation, IP clinic and patenting of technology. He explained the relevance of citation manager in IP research and legal research. He introduced the citation manger named as Juris M and Zotero. He explained the use of zotero in legal research. After the break, session resumed with IP clinic concept and he explained the functioning of the IP clinic also, how it facilitates the public in resolving the patent related issues.