Executive Committee

Executive Committee consists of the following officials.

  1.   Dr. J Letha, Vice-Chancellor, Cochin University of Science  & Technology (Chairperson)
  2.   Prof.Dr. M Bhasi, Marine Sciences (Dean & Syndicate Member)
  3.   Dr. Harikumar S, Professor, Department of Applied Economics (Professor, CUSAT)
  4.  Prof.(Dr.) K N  Chandrasekharan Pillai, Former  Director,  Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (Subject Expert)
  5.  Dr. Feroz Ali Khader, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, IIT,  Madras (Subject Expert)
  6.  Prof. Dr. M Bhasi, Director (I/C) , IUCIPRS (Convenor)
  7.   Prof. Dr. N S  Gopalakrishnan, (Special Invitee)

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