The theme of World IP Day celebrations 2016 was “Digital Creativity : Culture Reimagined”

Digital technologies have revolutionized the cultural works like film, music, art, video games etc., placing a world of cross cultural collaborations. At the same time, it has transformed creation of cultural works, distribution and enjoyment in the market, thus becoming a boon for digital consumers as well as for the creator/artist. In this context a panel discussion was conducted to find out how the artist and digital creators create it and how they are accessed, whether the artists and digital creators have been properly paid for their works or not, so as to keep on creating and how far the Intellectual Property system ensures the creator an incentive and protects his rights.


Panel discussion was done by the following personalities

  • Prof. (Dr.) N. S. Gopalakrishnan, Director, IUCIPRS (Moderator)
  • Mr. Suresh Eriyat, 63rd National Award Winner (2016) for the Best Animated Film and Tokyo Anime Award Winner (2016) for Excellence, both for the film ‘Fisherwoman and TukTuk’
  • Mr. Hari M. R., CEO, Invis Multimedia
  • Mr. Dipin P. G., Founder, Iyanagames
  • Mr. Sridhar J. Swaminathan, Secretary, South India Music Companies Association
  • Mr. Benoy Kadavan, Advocate, High Court of Kerala