Working Hours : 09.00 a.m. -07.00 p.m. on all regular class days                                                   09.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m. on Saturdays and vacation20160923_094547


IUCIPRS library is a fully automated intellectual centre having an excellent collection of information sources for meeting the requirements of   the  academic community in Intellectual Property Rights. It enables students as well as researchers in both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and research. At present the library has a total collection of 4000 titles consisting of 19 international journals which have been bound to around 500 volumes. Now it subscribes two international journals and gets some journals as complementary copies. Hein Online Database is made available through the University website so that the access is possible from anywhere in the CUSAT campus at any time.

 A unique collection of around 4000 distinct titles .      Journals and, bound volumes of back issues of journals.  General, Reference, Periodical, and Closed Reference  Collections.  Online Database (Hein Online Academic Core Collection)  helps users for search and download of information.20160923_094449

Seating capacity of 65 users at a time Air conditioned, well lighted, well equipped, clean and tidy room with calm atmosphere.  Desktop computers for users.  Photocopying and printing facility


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