Staff Council

Staff Council meetings are held regularly on first Thursday of every month. It analyses every administrative aspects of the Centre including office matters regarding academic activities, even though there exists a Faculty Council which monitors the academic matters. It consists of the Director, Teaching Staffs, Administrative Staffs,  Library Staffs and Research Officers. Staff Council discusses the works those have been completed during the last month and prepares a work plan for the month. Minutes are prepared and filed for later use. The members of Staff Council consists of,

  1.   Prof. Dr. M Bhasi, Director (I/C)
  2.   Prof. Dr. T G  Agitha, Professor
  3.   Prof. Dr. N S Gopalakrishnan, Honorary Professor
  4.   Anjana Girish, Assistant Professor
  5.   Dr. I G Rathish, Assistant Professor
  6.   Karishma Birthare, Research Officer
  7.   Dr. Anson C J, Research Officer
  8.   Sreekumar N, Administrative Officer
  9.   Misha K M, Administrative Assistant
  10.   Joe Joseph, Librarian
  11.   Anupama T S, Professional Assistant
  12.   Disamol M D, Stenographer cum Documentation Assistant

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