The main activities of the Centre include policy research support to both Central and State Governments, supporting/assisting Government of India in international negotiations, conducting extensive research in intellectual property related areas, conducting different types of academic programmes including full time PhD programmes with fellowships, facilitating multi-disciplinary research, undertaking post graduate courses for students of School of Legal Studies and for students from Science, Technology, and ManagementĀ  disciplines of CUSAT, short-time fellowships for students from other universities who have registered for PhD on any IP related areas visiting fellowships for eminent academic from India and abroad giving them an opportunity to associate with IUCIPRS by engaging in teaching and research.

In addition to this, we also organize various seminars, conferences and workshops on emerging issues on Intellectual Property Law and conduct training programmes for judges, professionals, scientists, students of other Universities in India etc. The Centre also extends supports to scientists, industrialists and other technical experts from CUSAT and outside in obtaining different forms of IP protection. The Centre has been undertaking various research projects and publishing books and research papers from 2003 onwards.


  1. Awareness programme for Chartered Accountants
  2. Awareness programme for Library Professionals
  3. Awareness programme for Judges


  1. World IP Day Celebrations 2013
  2. World IP Day Celebrations 2012
  3. World IP Day Celebrations 2011
  4. World IP Day Celebrations 2010



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