Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Norms) for filing Patent Application through the IPR Facilitation
1. The following norms are intended to lay down the terms and conditions based on which
any teacher of any University in Kerala (hereinafter “the University”) may file an
application for patent protection in India though IPR Facilitation Cell of IUCIPRS.
2. These norms are applicable to all the teachers who are permanent and temporary
employees of the University.
3. Any invention by the teacher/s of the University alone or jointly with any other person
from the University or any other entity may make a request for filing patent application to
the Director of IUCIPRS by submitting the prescribed Invention Disclosure Form (IDF).
4. Any teacher of the University desirous of filing patent application through IPR
Facilitation Cell of IUCIPRS shall forward the IDF countersigned by the Registrar of the
University concerned.
5. The patent application shall be filed only for Indian Patent.
6. The application for patent protection shall be filed only in the name of the Registrar of
the University concerned. The teachers/others who developed the invention shall be
shown as the inventor/s in the patent application.
7. The ownership of the patent shall be with the University concerned.
8. The Registrar of the University concerned and the inventors shall sign all documents
necessary for the purpose of filing the patent application and registration of the invention.
9. IUCIPRS shall be responsible for the following:
a. Identify a list of suitable consultants for the purpose of searching, examination
and filing the patent application in the Patent office in India
b. Find out whether the invention in the IDF is patentable or not with the help of the
consultant/s identified by the Director from the list of consultants
c. Approving the IDF and forwarding the same to the consultants identified by the
IUCIPRS for filing the patent application
d. If necessary direct the consultant to abandon the application in case it is found
that the invention has no commercial potential
e. Meeting necessary expenditure for
i. determining the patentability of the invention
ii. filing the patent application on approval of IDF as per the procedure
iii. issue of registration certificate
iv. maintaining the patent for a period of up to six years from the date of
filing the patent application or up to three years from the date of grant of
patent whichever is earlier.
10. The inventors shall be responsible for giving necessary information regarding the
invention to the consultant for the purpose of filling the application form as and when
requested by the consultant.
11. A copy of all the communications between the inventor and the consultant shall be
marked to the Director, IUCIPRS.
12. In case the inventor faces any difficulty with the consultant, the same must be brought to
the notice of the Director for necessary steps.
13. The inventor/s shall be responsible for taking necessary steps for commercialization of
the invention as stated in the IDF and file quarterly reports to the Director informing the
14. Based on the progress report, the Director shall determine whether the patent is to be
maintained or not.
15. The Registrar of the University or the inventors concerned shall be responsible for
meeting the necessary expenditure for continued maintenance of the patent after the time
period mentioned in Clause 9(e)(iv).
University in Kerala includes the following
1. Cochin University of Science and Technology
2. University of Kerala
3. Mahatma Gandhi University
4. University of Calicut
5. Kannur University
6. Kerala Agricultural University
7. Kerala University of Health Sciences
8. Kerala Technological University
9. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

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