Dr. Anson C J

1.    Brand Equity of Geographical Indications of Kerala : an empirical study,   in the seminar on National Seminar on WTO, FTAs and impact on agriculture and allied sectors organized by the Agri (WTO Cell) Department , Govt. of Kerala on 17th and 18th January, 2013.

2.   Geographical Indications – marketing strategies & promotion techniques in the Workshop on Post G I Initiatives for Brand promotion through Market Linkage and Containment of Infringement of Selected Craft Indications of Kerala organised by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India on 4th October 2012.

3.    Geographical Indications : As a tool for product differentiation and its credibility, Journal of Indian Business Research, 2011.

4.    Marketing flexibilities in Geographical Indications (GI) and Trademark : a comparative study, GLOGFIT Seminar in IIM Kozhikode, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2011.

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